Create a new taxi project

Learn how to create a new, empty taxi project


Taxi is an agnostic schema language, useful for describing all types of data structures. Vyne supports multiple schema formats (such as OpenAPI, SQL DDL, Protobuf, Avro), but has first-class support for Taxi.

Taxi is ideal for creating the core glossary of terms & types that you'll use in your central taxonomy.

In this tutorial, we'll explore creating a new taxi project, which will contain the schemas we edit in the UI.

To get started, first install Taxi.

Then, create a directory for your project, and create a new taxi project, following the prompts:

mkdir my-project
cd my-project
taxi init

$ taxi version 1.20
> Project group (eg., com.acme): com.demo
> Project name: Films
> Project version [0.1.0]:  (Just press enter here)
> Source directory [src/]: (Just press enter here)

The taxi project has been created.

You can edit taxi files with any text editor, but we recommend VSCode.

There's a dedicated VSCode plugin for Taxi, which you'll be prompted to install whenever you open a taxi project. It provides as-you-type completion, code hints, and more.

Now that you've created your taxi project, here's some things you might want to do with it