Configuring the query history store

Configuring and managing the query history in Vyne

Vyne stores a history of the queries it executes, to allow for later sharing of results.

query history

Results may be downloaded as either:

  • A CSV file
  • A JSON file
  • A Test case for use in Vyne Test.

Displaying active queries

Vyne history also shows a list of all queries currently running on the server, and their progress.

These queries can be cancelled through the UI.


This feature must be enabled in your vyne configuration.

Config parameterDescriptionDefault setting if results of queries should be persisted.false if results from remote calls should be captured and stored in the history.false request results are being captured, defines the maximum size (in bytes) of a payload to store2048 where Vyne queues history data waiting to be persisted./historyPersistenceQueue whether history data is persisted by vyne query server or by vyne analytics server (possible values inprocess or remote)inprocess