Configuring your license

Registering your license to Vyne


By default, you can run Vyne without a license for 60 minutes. During this time, you'll have access to all the features of Vyne, and then it will shut down.

You can simply restart the server, and carry on. Or, reach out to us and grab a license.

Getting a license

Contact us either at, or jump onto our Slack channel and ask for a license. (We're working on automating this process).

We're happy to give out full-featured 30-day trials to anyone who's interested - just ask!

To purchase a license, chat to our sales team.

Registering your license

You'll be provided with a license in the form of a file named license.json.

When Vyne starts, it will look in the following locations (in order) for a license key

  • A path optionally defined by passing --vyne.license.path on startup
  • ~/.vyne/license.json
  • /opt/var/vyne/license/license.json

Any of our demo applications

If you're running through any of our demos, we'll automatically add the license found at ~/.vyne/license.json.

Docker image

If you're running vyne through our docker image (the most common scenario), then you'll need to provide your license through a volume.

Inside your docker-compose.yml, define a volume that maps the license. eg:

    image: vyneco/vyne:latest
      - 80
       - 9022:80
      # Expose the license to vyne
      - ~/.vyne/license.json:/opt/var/vyne/license/license.json

Command line

If starting vyne directly from the command line, pass the location of the license using --vyne.license.path=/path/to/your/license.json